Monetization is Coming Soon

Content creators, take note - the time has come to get paid for your hard work! Goboza is excited to announce that we will soon be rolling out our monetization program, allowing you to earn money from the content you create.By the end of this year, all eligible content on our platform will be monetized, meaning you'll start seeing earnings from your uploads.

This is an important milestone for Goboza, as we continue to upgrade our services and build a sustainable ecosystem for creators like yourself.It's crucial that you keep creating and uploading your best content.

The Goboza team is working tirelessly to ensure a smooth monetization process, so you can receive your earnings as soon as possible. Just remember, to qualify for monetization, you must be a South African resident.

This is an incredible opportunity, so don't let it pass you by. Get ready to be rewarded for your creativity and dedication. Monetization is coming, and Goboza is here to make sure you don't miss out.